Welcome to Global Express

At Global Express, our vision is to improve the quality of internet service by enabling the customers to enjoy more. This vision gives us the purpose to develop innovative products & solutions that would help customers with enhanced user experience. Our mission is therefore ‘Enabling Bandwidth for More.
We have tailored our offerings for More Speed, More Entertainment, More Productivity, More Time, More Fun, More Flexibility, More Devices, and Overall More value.

Unlimited Bandwidth

Our attractive plans are all Unlimited Usage Plans. To be fair to everyone, we need to reduce the speed if your usage crosses the liberal limits that you choose for yourself.

Never Before Speeds

Our Broadband is an Ultra-High-Speed broadband service, with the fiber reaching your neighborhood.

Best Services

Global Express Broadband is dedicated to providing the best Quality, Value and Service to meet our customers’ needs.

Home Internet

Global home broadband provides you high speed internet services with quality.In your home you can connect through Global Express Broadband Internet Services your all devices like Smartphone, Laptops,etc..

Commercial Internet

Global Leased lines provide reliable and secure access to the internet to your organization 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, with optional resilience and backup solutions  


Global Broadband Express Services Provides Wi-Max devices to its customer so that they can access the internet seamlessly within tangling and wires... 

Wana Contact Us!!!

Call the Global Express support on 8860-396-655 and book your order in matter of minutes! Our sales executive will be happy to visit you if you prefer.